Tuesday, April 11, 2017

150,000 Chinese Troops Mass on N. Korean Border

Journalist Bill Still breaks down the issues as China masses 150,000 troops on the border of N. Korea just days after the "Productive" meeting with the Chinese President and US President Trump. At the same time the Carrier, Carl Vincent Task Force has been ordered to the waters off the Korean Peninsula. It's widely known that the Chinese have grown increasingly frustrated with the petulant and pudgy N. Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. Could he be about to receive the spanking he so richly deserves?

My guess is that even now the Chinese Ambassador to N. Korea is laying down the law to the Pedophile Dictator. 150,000 Chinese troops are hardly an invasion force. But they are enough to discourage any who might try to flee N. Korea in the face of impending war, which is the last thing the Chinese want or need at this point. This does, however, send a solid message that the Chinese will not support the North if they continue their aggressive posturing. Hopefully, caught between a rock and a hard place the tiny Dictator will turn to his beloved Scotch rather than his military. 

More wars and rumors of wars, something I discuss in Another Article.

Remember, our hope is in Jesus Christ. Be Blessed.


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